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Wooden Sun Moon and Stars Mobile


A gift that is loved by parents and babies alike. This delicately balanced mobile is made from pine and stainless steel and coloured with Stockmar natural beeswax crayons.



A friend of mine asked me to make a mobile for his new baby and this is what I made. The whole family love it! I usually make mobiles out of glass and stainless steel, but obviously glass is not the best material to have around a baby. I decided to make something that was completely safe and non-toxic so I used pine wood for the sun moon and stars, and coloured them with Stockmar beeswax crayons. I used Stockmar crayons as a child in the Steiner school I went to in South Africa, and have loved them ever since.

The balancing arms are stainless steel and the swivels are brass, both nice natural materials. The one shown here has the different wooden elements suspended from the rods with stretchy nylon cord, but I think the next one I make will have them directly attached to the stainless rods. A lovely gift for a baby, and lots of fun for adults as well :).