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“Flight” Stainless Steel Mobile


What makes this mobile special, is that each of the stainless steel rods is delicately curved in three dimensions, rather than just a straight rod. Each curve relates to the one above and below, leading the whole piece to change constantly as it moves. The rods are most often viewed in silhouette, and the appearance of the lines drawn can be really deceptive and surprising: what you think is a bent rod suddenly becomes straight, or one curve morphs into a different one as the mobile moves.




This mobile is made entirely from high grade 316 stainless steel. I cut out each element from stainless steel plate, grind it into shape, then sand it with several grits of sandpaper, then weld it to a stainless steel rod, Then I balance each element in sequence, mark the fulcrum, weld on the loop, heat the end to a red heat and bend the hook. Once all the elements are made, I file the welds by hand, and then sand each piece again to a brushed metal finish. They are very well made, and I like to leave some evidence to the tool marks to show the fabrication process and the ‘realness’ of a handmade work of art.