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Water Remedy Orbs

Wearable Waters for the Spiritual Being

Water Remedies from various water bodies from Arctic Iceberg waters to the waters of the desert created by Ruth Le Gear.

Ruth’s work is the confluence of art and healing; experience of connecting with waters from icebergs, lakes, waterfalls and oceans.
There is something so familiar, so ancient, in the energies of these waters, let your body be soothed by the opportunity to reconnect with the liquid frequencies.

The orbs are hand blown in Sligo Ireland by glass artist Graham Reid. Each glass vessel is uniquely created to hold a Water Remedy. Wearing a glass Water Remedy orb allows one to absorb the energy of the water remedy inside.

Please visit the CHOOSE YOUR ORB page to see a list of Water Remedies which you can purchase as Water Remedy Orbs.

We are also happy to create custom orders with sacred waters which you send to us.

If you would like assistance in choosing your remedy,

please email: info@celestialaquatics.com

What others have to say:

“ I have worked with many vibrational formula’s over the years and I have never come across such powerful healing medicine that is encoded within these sacred water essences. They began working with me instantly and I felt unprecedented shifts in my being. These remedies should be in every healing facilitator’s magic bag! Thank you Ruth for your high integrity and intuitive depth that has brought through the expression of these powerful water allies into form; they are a true gift to humanity at this time” MaRa LuaSa