My work is primarily concerned with the unseen forces of nature and science surrounding us, and is often manifested through the creation of kinetic sculptures. My current work revolves around the use of water as both a balancing element, and a pure material that speaks an archetypal languageĀ . These works are a development from my previous glass and metal sculptures which explored gravity, levity, balance and the space described by a fixed, but moving object. The glass vessels full of rainwater bring new forces into play. Evaporation of the water through convection and conduction will slowly change the balance the sculpture. Life will start to grow in the rainwater, developing into ecosystems, and the glass spheres act as lenses whereby images of the world are seen in reverse and light is bent and focused.

Date: 2016

Dimensions: L: 3 meters W: 3 meters H: 2 meters

Materials: Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, rain water.