Commissioned by the Office of Public Works for the new Ballinasloe Garda station, Cascade is a three story installation running through the central stairwell.


“Cascade will create a frozen-in-time waterfall of light and reflection. As the viewer ascends or descends the staircase, the orbs, water drops flow up or down, step by step. A sense of walking past rising air bubbles will be experienced. The droplets or air bubbles, represented by 80 mirror-finished stainless steel spheres will create a myriad of reflections and refractions. Azs the viewer moves through the stairwell, turning the various corners etc. the four linear elements will line up, overlap, or spread out depending on the vantage point, creating additional visual effect.

Cascade will sparkle at night and through the long winter days when artificial light is needed as well as in bright light conditions. It will be playful, inviting the viewer to interact with their reflections, and also encourage contemplation and expansive thinking. Through Cascade, the stairwell will become a reflective portal between the various floors and buildings, connecting old and new and encouraging flow, like bubbles and like water.”