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Stars and Eclipsed Moon


Made entirely from 316 grade stainless steel, and bronze swivels. I used 0.9mm plate for this one to make it nice and light so it moves easily. I love how it catches the light and the stars and moon go from bright to dark as it moves!

I cut out each element from stainless steel plate, grind it into shape, then sand it with several grits of sandpaper, then weld it to a stainless steel rod, Then I balance each element in sequence, mark the fulcrum, weld on the loop, heat the end to a red heat and bend the hook. Once all the elements are made, I file the welds by hand, and then sand each piece again to a brushed metal finish. They are very well made, and I like to leave some evidence to the tool marks to show the fabrication process and the ‘realness’ of a handmade work of art.

90cm in diameter. Each star is 7cm across.



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